live-chat with the product experts
for critical issues or high-priority customers
Interactive troubleshooting scenarios
and self-help flows based on customer's answers
No coding is required
to create and manage self-support flows
Dramatically reduce your support ticket openings with
interactive self-service guides
Smart automation of support flow

Rillo is a modern alternative to FAQ pages and customer support chat-bots
Customers love great self-service
Modern alternative to FAQ and chat-bots


24/7 Assistance
Personal approach


24/7 Assistance
Live-chat for emergency
or high-priority customers
Interactive self-help tours
Assisted support only
for high-priority cases
Product plans
Automated live-chat
No limits for support team seats
Unlimited live-chat
14 days FREE trial
No credit card required
19$ per month
14 days FREE trial
No credit card required
Everything from
Self help plan
Everything from Automated live-chat plan
Co-pilot for your support team
Assisted support
Individual pricing
Assisted support

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