No-code workflow builder
Build your smart unsubscribe flows in minutes.
Update in seconds.
Interactive unsubscribing flows
Learn about the reasons for the unsubscription
Offer your customers options to keep subscrubed
Statistics and interactions
Download all the interactions with the flows

Smart unsubscribing flows

Reducing unsubscribe rate for your email campaigns

Installation co-pilot for your customers

Rillo offers interactive installation guides and live-support, significantly reducing friction in product installations and deployments
Interactive and personalaized guides
Easy to maintain on your side
Live-chat. Connect your engineers or
DevOps team by Rillo
Guide your customers trough step-by-step installation flow
Create and update your installation guides using GUI
Address customers' questions not covered in the installation guides
81% of customers customers prefer to try resolving issues on their own before contacting customer support - Harvard business review study.
Auto updates and refines of your installation guides by AI
Imagine a situation:
What could happen next?
You're selling the software that should be deployed on customers' infrastructure.
One of your customers is struggling with installation or upgrade.
1. You pass this issue to your engineering team.
2. The process could take a while and it's not scaling. With growing number of customers or trailers you'll need more engineers for support.
Some of potential customers could even churn on this stage. You can lost money spent on attracting these leads.

With you create a personalized guide taking into account the various installation aspects. Live-chat with dev-ops engineers helps to resolve the installation issues as quickly as possible.

(outsourced installation support)

Installation time

Static instructions
+ in-house engineers

4. Instruction is available 24/7.
5. Real-time chat with DevOpses.
7. Self learning AI algorithms refines instructions based on real cases from chats.
Why to choose Rillo?
Costs per installation
1. Self-help for most of customers.
2. Interactive instruction covers more corner-cases.
3. Auto update instructions with AI.
6. Self-help guides scales perfecly.
Unlimited flows
Create and use as many smart flows as you need
9$ per month
Support by email
We normally respond within 24h
Individual pricing
Product plans
Live-chat support
Unlimited flows
Create and use as many smart flows as you need
Fast response

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