Simple for customers
Scan a QR-code or follow a link.
No app installation needed.
Truly scalable
24/7 self-help interactive guides
Live-chat with product
community members
Mobile native
Perfect to view from mobile devices.
Automated support
for physical products
The digital co-pilot of paper manuals

Rillo is a self-service interactive guide and live-chat, significantly reducing warranty claims
Always at hand
Multimedia centric
Live-chat support
Never forget where you left the paper manual
Pictures and videos explains better that just texts
To deal with rare
or complex cases
81% of customers prefer fixing their problems on their own before they contact a customer support - Harvard business review study.
Imagine a situation:
How would you handle the problem?
You're awaking at midnight because your smoke detector has started ringing for no reason.
Would you start searching for paper manual?
Most likely you'll google how to switch it off or search
for quick video explainer on YouTube

With all the instructions and troubleshooting
guide are in your smartphone.

Chat-box on site

Always accessable
Perfectly scalabile

FAQ page

4. Instant start
5. Available 24/7
7. live-chat is optional and can be driven by community users
Why to choose Rillo?
Build for supporting
physical products
1. Available via QR code or a link
2. Designed for mobile phones
3. Auto update itself by AI
6. Self-help guides scales perfecly
Product plans
Automated live-chat
No limits for support team seats
Unlimited live-chat
30-day free trial
49$ per month per product
14 days FREE trial
No credit card required
Everything from
Self help plan
Onboarding manager
Dedicated manager to help your team onboard and release your first guide
Everything from Automated live-chat plan
Live-chat with power users of your product, managed by Rillo
Assisted support
Assisted support
Individual pricing

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