Interactive questions
The videos are followed by a series of questions on the story and characters, developing cognitive skills and memory

Curated content
The best shows and videos for kids are selected to be appropriate for the age group 3-6 years.

New shows every day
New shows and videos are being released every day. Kids never get bored

Interactive videos for preschool kids
to help develop memory and creativity

How is this different from
watching videos on YouTube?
1. Questions to boost kid's memory and develop their imagination
All of the videos on Rillo are split into parts that are followed by different questions about the story and characters.
2. Content curation
No need to pre-select videos or restrict an unpropiate content.
Rillo does this job for you.
How does Rillo work?
Unlimited updates
All the content is available with daily updates
14 days FREE trial
No credit card required
5$ per month
Access to your kid's answers and interactions

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